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Hmmsee ...
Posted Sunday, October 17th 2021 at 11:07AM
by: Elynor Moss | post comment
Posted Thursday, October 14th 2021 at 2:08AM
by: DAVID JOHNSON | post comment
Change the world (256 hits)
Let young people speak 🗣️ out because this is their future we're talking about , stop the violence and cease the crime. please HBCU consider encouraging young people to send a message to Washington DC and their city about ending viol ...
Posted Thursday, July 22nd 2021 at 1:31AM
by: Min Sammy Jackson | post comment
~ 14 House Republicans Voted Against "Junteenth," Our National Holiday! (1776 hits)
/* "Are We, Should We Be...Surprised? I'm not...I thought it would be more." ~GVB~ Who are the 14 House Republicans who voted against a Juneteent ...
Posted Thursday, June 17th 2021 at 9:29AM
by: Gregory Boulware, Esq. | post comment
~ "A Memorializing Memorium" ~ (1185 hits)
/* "A Memorializing Memorium" By Gregory V. Boulware "Memorium" (non-existent word) Memorial - Dedicatory - Consecrating - Enshrining - Commemoratory - Tribute - Celebrative ...
Posted Monday, May 31st 2021 at 6:59PM
by: Gregory Boulware, Esq. | post comment
A Letter To My Mother On My 40th Birthday: Sunday, May 9, 2021 Hi Mom, Today, May 9 is my birthday, my 40th to be exact but you already know that 😊. It just happens that my Birthday and Mother's Day are on the same day this year. It ...
Posted Sunday, May 9th 2021 at 11:45AM
by: Siebra Muhammad | post comment
Want to get on TV? ABC, NBC and CBS Producers tell how... (1418 hits)
Would you like to be interviewed on a top national TV show and air on ABC, NBC, CBS or Fox? Of course you would because there are few faster ways to instantly reach millions of people and boost your sales than getting big-time TV publicity. In the publishing world, it's no secret the right nat ...
Posted Saturday, April 10th 2021 at 7:51PM
by: Pam Perry | post comment
Dr. Min. Ava Muhammad (a national spokesperson for the Nation of Islam) speaks on Judas and The Black Messiah, The COVID-19 Pandemic, Minister Farrakhan's instruction when he departs, and separation ...
Posted Monday, March 22nd 2021 at 5:38PM
by: Siebra Muhammad | post comment
Oprah sells ''Own'' network for pennies on the dollar - The Dr Boyce Breakdown (1876 hits)
Oprah sells majority of OWN for $36 million to Discovery On Tuesday, Oprah Winfrey sold most of her Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) shares to Discovery Inc. for more than $36 million in stock. According to Bloomberg, the deal increases Discovery’s sta ...
Posted Wednesday, December 30th 2020 at 11:13AM
by: DAVID JOHNSON | post comment
~ "Techie Speak" ~ 'Learning Computers and Technological Terminology'...For the 55+ Community (2760 hits)
/* ~ "Techie Speak" ~ 'Learning Computers and Technological Terminology' ...For the 55+ Community & Surrounding Community At Large By Gregory V. Boulware, Esq. In today's world, the current climate of "Zoom," "HangOuts," "MicrosoftTeams," ...
Posted Friday, December 18th 2020 at 10:37AM
by: Gregory Boulware, Esq. | post comment
(Video) Pitching as a Process with guest Janell Hazelwood, Journalist and Media Strategist (2498 hits)
If you’re ready to send pitch emails to the press – or you already do and the answer is always No, if you get a reply at all – then you’ll love this interview with my guest and friend Janell Hazelwood, who’s been in the field for almost 20 years as a journalist, editor, and media strategist. ...
Posted Thursday, December 17th 2020 at 1:44PM
by: Pam Perry | post comment
Bro. Bruce & Sis. Beverly Smith, your Bro_In_Da_Biz wants to wish you and your family a very Merry 2020 Christmas and a Happy Safe & Healthy New Year as we prayerfully share this COVID-19 SAFETY LIFE-SAVING WARNING with YOU via this ...
Posted Sunday, December 6th 2020 at 8:48PM
by: Bruce Smith | post comment
~ "Leadership"...Factoring Quality & Merit ~ (4131 hits)
/* "Leadership"...Factoring Quality & Merit By Gregory V. Boulware, Esq. Ya’ateeh, As Salaam Alaikum, Shalom, Hotep, Konich ...
Posted Sunday, November 15th 2020 at 10:47PM
by: Gregory Boulware, Esq. | post comment
~ "Plagiarism, Once Again?" its' finest ~ (2827 hits)
/* "Plagiarism, Once Again?" its' finest By Gregory V. Boulware, Esq. Not long after the performance of a surf and search, I have found another piece of my written work( ...
Posted Wednesday, November 11th 2020 at 11:47PM
by: Gregory Boulware, Esq. | post comment
~ "Meet Our Son, "G!"" ~ (5879 hits)
/* ~ "Meet Our Son, "G!"" ~ By Gregory V. Boulware, Esq. Making His Parents More Than Proud! "Say Hello "AFSCME;" to your 'Newly Appointed Business ...
Posted Thursday, November 5th 2020 at 12:17AM
by: Gregory Boulware, Esq. | post comment
Ready. Set.Go. Speak. (2249 hits)
Earlier this year I surveyed my tribe and asked them what they wanted and needed to get out there. We got the responses and went into the lab and figured out the best way to serve, share and create a simplistic yet effective solution. The res ...
Posted Saturday, October 31st 2020 at 5:04PM
by: Pam Perry | post comment
~Donald Trump's Contempt For Black Women~ (2924 hits)
/* Donald Trump's Contempt For Black Women On Full Display In Scathing New Video "AgentOrange45's Contempt For Black Women On Full Display In Scat ...
Posted Monday, October 19th 2020 at 2:02PM
by: Gregory Boulware, Esq. | post comment
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