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The Black Man Survival Guide (7917 hits), tagline "The Black Man Survival Guide", is a self-help website focused on providing African Americans (and particularly black men) the answers to questions about how to survive and prosper in America. Our goal is to be the #1 web reso ...
Posted Friday, September 23rd 2011 at 4:08PM
by: | post comment (6229 hits)
FREE educational resources for everyone. Thinkfinity.og by the Verizon Foundation. ...
Posted Tuesday, February 3rd 2009 at 2:24PM
by: Reginald Culpepper | post comment (10123 hits)
The Black Inventor Online Museum ™, is a look at the great and often unrecognized pioneers in the field of invention and innovation. Achievements by Black inventors can be seen as far back as ancient Africa but much of society has no idea that man ...
Posted Tuesday, December 14th 2010 at 5:26PM
by: Reginald Culpepper | post comment
Employment or Business Opportunity | Either Way a Roadmap to Independence (2011 hits)
Real estate bird dogs earn FINDER'S FEES. Bird dogging is a great way to learn the real estate business without losing your money trying to invest. It's a great employment opportunity because most often you work at your own pace and can work around a ...
Posted Wednesday, May 2nd 2012 at 2:01PM
by: Treathyl FOX | post comment
Black Women are Beautiful - Natural or Otherwise (5379 hits)
All women are beautiful in their own way, but black women are definitely some of the most beautiful women in the world. ...
Posted Saturday, November 5th 2011 at 2:07PM
by: | post comment
Real Estate Investing in the Rainbow Nation - South Africa (2697 hits)
When it comes to real estate investing, South Africa is at the top of the rest of the African continent in offering prime real estate for investment purposes. Read more at ...
Posted Sunday, October 16th 2011 at 6:47PM
by: Treathyl FOX | post comment
Stock Your Spice Cabinet (2957 hits)
66 whole, ground and blended spice tins. ...
Posted Sunday, April 17th 2011 at 1:24PM
by: Treathyl FOX | post comment
MY TRAILBLAZING SISTERS: Lillian Lambert (Interview @ (3168 hits)
Lillian Lincoln Lambert speaks about the power of persistence, resilience, courage and morality in surmounting hurdles. The first African American woman to receive an MBA from Harvard Business School and a successful entrepreneur, ... (IMAGE SOURCE: ...
Posted Tuesday, May 17th 2011 at 4:38PM
by: Treathyl FOX | post comment
Everyday Exotic Spices (2784 hits)
Everyone knows that use of the right herbs and spices can turn a bland meal into a sumptuous dining experience. Well maybe not everybody. But everybody who visits Everyday Exotic Spices will know when they stop by for a visit and learn about spices ...
Posted Tuesday, April 26th 2011 at 1:44PM
by: Treathyl FOX | post comment
Black History: Honoring 10 Beautiful Black Women Past and Present (16242 hits)
An article honoring black female entertainers from our past. Thought I would share this with Black ...
Posted Thursday, March 17th 2011 at 11:38AM
by: | post comment
Insurance Mart and Insurance SMART - Recommended Links Page (3053 hits)
This site features a links page where Recommended Links are posted. Anyone interested in posting links here feel free to contact the Site Publisher. ...
Posted Tuesday, April 26th 2011 at 3:49PM
by: Treathyl FOX | post comment
The Gifts of the Magi (2798 hits)
The presentation of the gifts of the Magi is an integral part of the story of the birth of Jesus. For those who accept the Biblical accounts as true there is no dispute that the men from the East presented gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. Wha ...
Posted Wednesday, December 17th 2014 at 12:13PM
by: Treathyl FOX | post comment
The International Association of Black Professional Fire Fighters (5152 hits)
In September of 1969, black and minority fire fighters of all ranks from municipalities across the United States met in New York City for two days of discussion on the injustices that exist in the following categories: The recruitment of black youth ...
Posted Thursday, October 20th 2011 at 7:20PM
by: Reginald Culpepper | post comment
Black Minds Development (2582 hits)
The goal of BMD is to provide uplifting yet realistic commentary on a number of issues affecting the Black community such as economics, politics, black history, music, and social phenomenon. I also have a goal of creating a black owned business direc ...
Posted Tuesday, January 10th 2012 at 4:37AM
by: Prentice Sams | post comment
Black History Month (2107 hits)
Black History Month @ - Parties/Civil Rights - Links to other content at; Political firsts, Black Patriots of the American Revolution in Rhyme, Martin Luther King Day, Kwanzaa TimeLine. ...
Posted Monday, January 30th 2012 at 1:09PM
by: Roger W Hancock
Black History Month (2095 hits)
Black History Month @ - Political Party Civil Rights History - Links to MLK day, Rhymes of the Black Patriots of the American Revolution - Political Firsts and more. ...
Posted Tuesday, January 31st 2012 at 12:28AM
by: Roger W Hancock
African American t-shirts and Gifts (2411 hits)
Visit for African American t-shirts and Gifts ...
Posted Thursday, February 2nd 2012 at 3:17PM
by: Darryl Hill | post comment
Black history Portraits (3938 hits) is the online catalog of hand-drawn portraits of notable figures in Black History, created by designer & illustrator Christian Elden. They’ve been used for all types of applications, from websites to printed material to spec ...
Posted Friday, April 27th 2012 at 3:29PM
by: Reginald Culpepper | post comment
Positive Black Men - Show Yourselves (6601 hits)
Young black boys need black male role models to show them that they can be good fathers, businessmen, entrepreneurs and everything in between. If we wait for the media to portray these images on TV we will be waiting for a long time. If we want y ...
Posted Sunday, June 10th 2012 at 1:49PM
by: | post comment
Review: Better Homes & Gardens Entertaining With Ease (2541 hits)
Better Homes and Gardens® has been around for forever! With good reason too! The company earned the respect and loyalty of its customers through the years. My personal library boasts a cookbook that I credit with contributing to the success of my ma ...
Posted Wednesday, October 2nd 2013 at 8:05PM
by: Treathyl FOX | post comment
Witchcraft: Past and Present (2527 hits)
Despite persecution, witchcraft was and still is actively practiced today. Sometimes persecution just ain't the right answer! Photo image credit: ...
Posted Wednesday, October 2nd 2013 at 7:10PM
by: Treathyl FOX | post comment
The French Revolution: From Bastille to Bonaparte (2411 hits)
While the first American president, George Washington, was engaged in the daily business of building an independent democratic country, the French were having a revolution. Napoleon didn't start the revolution but he sure tried hard to end things ...
Posted Wednesday, October 2nd 2013 at 7:23PM
by: Treathyl FOX | post comment
Understanding US Politics: No More Whigs (2677 hits)
The Whig was a U.S. Political party that was in existence from 1834 to 1856. Four Whigs served as POTUS. The party dissolved over differences. Or did they? What happened? Where did they really go? ...
Posted Wednesday, October 2nd 2013 at 7:41PM
by: Treathyl FOX | post comment
Bathsheba: The Innocent Victim (2731 hits)
For years, bible scholars, theologians and ordinary people have argued that Bathsheba was as guilty of adultery as was King David. If so, she would also have to be responsible for husband's subsequent death. Yes? No? This article explores the deba ...
Posted Thursday, November 21st 2013 at 12:43PM
by: Treathyl FOX | post comment
Trees Have Benefits | (2789 hits)
Not many understand the real impact of global warming on the environment. But almost everyone knows the impact careless destruction of trees would have on our lives. Saving the planet is everybody's responsibility. SAVE THE TREES!!! ...
Posted Thursday, November 21st 2013 at 12:53PM
by: Treathyl FOX | post comment
healthwise (1914 hits)
Health Benefits of Coconut Oil ...
Posted Wednesday, February 26th 2014 at 12:53PM
by: Darryl Hill | post comment
What's Your Two Cents Worth? (2015 hits)
Ever wonder how much your “two cents” is worth? Start publishing at (DTC) and you can find out. DTC is a new and growing online writing community that encourages you to voice your opinions and get paid for them too! Registration ...
Posted Tuesday, May 27th 2014 at 7:01PM
by: Treathyl FOX | post comment
The Sons of Eli and Samuel: Children of Priest, Prophet and Judge | Owlcation (1664 hits)
One of my work-at-home projects is writing articles in various online writing communities. is one of those communities that has been around for several years. It is one of the few writing sites that has survived. Not only is the site ...
Posted Saturday, January 14th 2017 at 2:08PM
by: Treathyl FOX | post comment
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